THE RESEARCH IS IN – Working Mothers can Raise Their Well-Being


How did Working Moms faring during the pandemic? 142 working mothers responded to the call to share their experiences and well-being impacts. The most important finding was that 85% of the respondents reported suffering from maternal guilt. From these results, a 6-week workshop was designed and implemented. The good news is that all of the workshop participants showed increased levels of overall well-being – from 8% to 15% – and all participants reported decreased feelings of maternal guilt! It IS possible to alleviate feelings of maternal guilt, mitigate stress from role strain plaguing working mothers, and raise well-being.

Stay tuned for more information on how these strategies will be shared with working moms everywhere!


This study was part of doctoral research sponsored and overseen by Northeastern University.

The purpose of this study is to better understand the challenges working mothers face on a daily basis, with the goal of helping develop interventions and programs that can help them meet those challenges and improve their well-being.  Feedback may also be used to develop programs that can be implemented in the workplace to help working mothers in various environments improve their well-being.

This study is part of doctoral research sponsored by at Northeastern University and is being conducted with oversight of Northeastern University’s Institutional Review Board. 


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